Calming Music for Dogs

"Through A Dog's Ear" CD

“Through A Dog’s Ear” CD

I recently heard two extraordinary dog trainers (Karen Deeds and Nicole Wilde) mention a CD called “Through a Dog’s Ear”, so bought one at Nicole’s seminar. This DVD was formulated to calm dogs down, and indeed, it put mine to sleep!

Someone at the seminar said “Through a Dog’s Ear” even calmed her autistic sister down and enabled her to sleep through the night for once. Karen said that if a shelter dog could be made calmer in his kennel, he would be calmer when taken out of his kennel on walks, etc.

A classical pianist plays slow, rich but simple chords, and it truly calmed my dogs down so that they fell asleep. I put it in my 5- CD changer and when “Through a Dog’s Ear” was finished, the next CD automatically started playing. It happened to be the “Traveling Wilburys.” When it came on, my dogs started stretching and fidgeting, as if on cue!

I’m going to donate a CD or two to Operation Kindness to help the dogs while they’re waiting for their forever homes.

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